The Sept in Acton

        The Sept in Acton Massachusetts is a 3 year old sept, looking for new members to help to solidify it's ranks.

        The Sept of the Crossroads in Acton, resides on a 1 mile square patch of conservation land. This land was transfered by the city from it's old duties as a camp for youngsters, to a full grown conservation area. Meaning that there are now more strict regulations on what can and cannot happen upon it. This transferance of duties for the land was the lifelong work of former Town Council members, Jeremy Blackpaw and Katrina Von Reiss.

        This land is now run, controlled and owned by Ryuuza Tanshyou, current Alpha of the Sept of the Crossroads

        Appointments from the city council for the new seats on the land conservation committee are forthcoming this spring. It should be interesting to see if those who will join the council have the same thoughts for the land as it's founding members...