Points of Interest

        Acton Jazz Cafe - The Acton Jazz Cafe is located at 452 The Great Rd in Acton. Feel free to view their webpage for more info.

        Acton Historical Society - The Historical Society is located nextdoor to the Acton Jazz Cafe Acton. It houses a great deal of information about the Acton area dating back to before the Revolutionary War.

        Crossroads Cafe - The Crossroads Cafe is located at 405 Nagog Sq in Acton.

        Kelly's Corner Kitchen - Kelly's Corner Kitchen is located at 257 Main St in Acton. A Great place for a morning home cooked meal.

        Bonsai West - With over 10,000 trees in stock, ranging from 100+ -year old masterpieces to young pre-Bonsai, there is something for everyone; from tropical indoor to temperate to cold-weather trees. Our nurseries offer a complete selection of tools, books, pots, and accessories for the Bonsai hobbyist.

        Maynard Paper Mill - The Maynard Paper Mill is located at 45 Necothoc Dr. in Maynard. After having been inoperative for 20 years, it was purchased by a Henry Witherman and refurbished. It reopened in August of 2001.

        Crescent Moon - American Indian Craft Supplies & More....for over 20 years! We are also a full service general store. Please check our schedule for classes. We are located at 247 Strawberry Hill Rd.

        E.P.A. Website - Environmental Protection Agencies list of contaminated site within Massachusetts