Directions to Acton Site

        Get to Rte 2.

        Take Exit number 42 which is Rte 27 North, towards Maynard/Acton Follow this for about 2 miles. You will see a large Monument above the trees, this is where Acton town hall is.

       Just before the monument and cannons, take a right onto Concord Road. At the end of concord rd. (Rte. 119/2A), Take a right, then take a left onto Pope Road directly after the T'deski's Little Peach store. You will cross over Strawbery Hill road. The campground is about 1-2 miles up on the left, and impossible to find if you don't know where it is. It will be marked by a bright neon colored Frisbee. If you get to the point where Pope Road turns to dirt, you've gone too far. Turn around and look for it on the right.