Event Costs

        The cost of each event for the year will be $5 (five) dollars per person for One Day Events and $10 (ten) dollars per person for weekend long events. This price will assist us in covering the rental of the site, as well as the needed materials for the game. This cost is subject to change based on the needs of the game.
      There is a slight change in the pricing for an event. As of the May, 2004 Crossroads game, there will be a 5$ deposit required for the tag rings which players are supplied. It will be returned to you at the end of the event, if you give us back your tags. Should you choose not to return then, then we shall keep the 5$ and you shall keep the tags until you decide to do so. In this case at checkin for each event you will simply receive tags to add to your ring for the traits and such you spend your XP on. This deposit is being put in place because the cost of materials and time required to make these tags is not miniscule, and we would like to see them all returned at the end of an event.
        Anyone who wishes to pay ahead of time is free to do so. We suggest though that you do not pre-register for more than one event so that you know that you shall be abl;e to attend.

        Feel free to contact us at crossroads@animuscreations.com with any questions