Deceased Characters in Crossroads

As the months at the Sept pass and the size of the Sept grows, people will come and go. Some will come just to visit, others to stay. Others will die during there time here. This pages is dedicated to those folks who have passed away, either gloriously or otherwise, while at the Sept of the Crossroads.

Waldron Jarlson Get of Fenris Ahroun Adren
David Shiroc Children of Gaia Ahroun Fostern
Ian Patric McKenna Fianna Galliard Fostern
Asha Metranopolous Silent Striders Galliard Cliath
Brand Frost Get of Fenris Ragabash Cliath
Dezamin Lopes Silent Striders Ragabash Cliath
Eddie Cook Children of Gaia Ragabash Cliath
Gabriel Hudson Shadow Lords Galliard Cliath
Galya Izgoroda Glass Walkers Theurge Cliath
Gedian Lugh McEinan Fianna Galliard Cliath
Genn von Bayern Silver Fangs Ahroun Cliath
James (Jimmy) Looks Twice Nuwisha Cliath
James McGregor Fianna Philodox Cliath
Jonathan Michael Windsor Silver Fangs Galliard Cliath
Katherine Grahms Children of Gaia Galliard Cliath
Kennith Malfoy Fianna Philodox Cliath
Luca Brasi Glass Walkers Ahroun Cliath
Matthew Hammerfist Fianna Ahroun Cliath
Matthias Kallmirson Get of Fenris Galliard Cliath
Nathan Lopes Silent Striders Ahroun Cliath
Running Mountain Get of Fenris Ahroun Cliath
Ryan Finn Fianna Ahroun Cliath
Seamus Flanagan Fianna Ahroun Cliath
Vasiliy Nikolaevich Kotov Silver Fangs Ragabash Cliath
Vladimir Konosovich Get of Fenris Ahroun Cliath
Wacignuni Osiceca Wendigo Ahroun Cliath